Pen & Ink and computer illustration

Pen & Ink and computer illustration

“All artists are prepared to suffer for their work, but
why are so few prepared to learn to draw?” BANKSY - 2006

I think the true worth of an artist is always evident in their work, but I’ve been told it is also important to know a little about the person who made it. Everything on this site was drawn or written by me.

My name is Jason. I was born in Eastbourne, South of England and at the age of two I emigrated with my family to Melbourne, Australia. At the age of 18 I enrolled in a Fine Art college. I soon realised that I wasn’t interested in High Art. I wanted to utilise my technical skills so I started a year of Graphic Design. For the next 6 years I switched from art courses to working as a landscape gardener with friends and then back to art courses. By the end of it all, I was a qualified Art Worker. There were no jobs at the time and so I became a freelance illustrator. I’ve been one ever since. Through necessity I have taught myself Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter and InDesign. I have also enjoyed developing my traditional artistic skills.

In 1996 I came back to England and began building up a client base in London. In 2013 I moved, with my wife and small son to the country town of Faversham, Kent. Faversham provides me with great fodder for my continuing blog.

I have a great appreciation for the illustrators of the last century from Alphonse Mucha to Elvgren to Rockwell. More contemporary illustrators who have tickled my fancy include the great comic book artist Alan Bolland and the enigma that is Candykiller.

Some of my clients include Mars Confectionery, Tesco, M&S, Pan Macmillan, Scholastic Children's Books, Wolff Evans Design, MGA, BBP&H, Crown, Direct Design, STV International, Code London, Marvel Comics, Think Publishing and many more.